Some details about me

My name is Szymon Wilgodzki and I am a Freelancer from Germany. My Services are Corporate Design/Branding, Illustration, Art and Photography.

I was born 1990 in a small city in Poland, where I spent my childhood and then moved to Germany in year 2004. My journey with Design started in 2008, where I found myself as an Artist. I have studied Media Design, Graphic Design and Visual Communiaction in Cologne and also worked with many Clients for years.

My attributes and priority is to work clean, smart and minimalist. I am thrilled to give creativity into new visions of Design to satisfy the Art scene.

I worked with many famous clients like: Constantin Film, Nokia, Bosch, Shure & Unilever

Also, if you want to know more about my work, you can find me on some websites like: OpenSea, 99designs, LogoGround & Fiverr

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